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                Long before the Duke Lacrosse Hoax,

         Timothy Tyson began living off fabricated lies!


  To anyone visiting this website, ponder this: If I were not telling the truth, Tim Tyson, Jeb Stuart, Bob Steel, and anyone else who has invested funds for the production of this movie would have more than enough power to shut down this place immediately. However, they all have one far-reaching problem. They know that I am telling the TRUTH.


                           You will not want to miss this !

                         I am Exposing The Race Hustler

                               Timothy B. Tyson

                                                  in his book

                             " Blood Done Sign My Name "     



                              Tim Tyson the Poster Child enjoys his storytelling!

                 Timothy Tyson, the poster child for America's race-hustlers.

                                          A book and now a movie.

"This is where you will see that Tim Tyson has used lies and fabrications for a lifetime to advance his career and damage other people."


         If you do not believe in the truth you may want to leave this site.


                           Welcome! I'm glad you decided to stay.




                                     Truth - May 11, 1970 Oxford, N.C.



   Why Oh Why didn’t Henry Marrow just keep on walking on May 11, 1970?


   Timothy Tyson presents himself as someone who is a historian, but he doesn't deal in the facts of what actually occurred. Obviously, for Tyson, history is defined as "his story".

  Tim has fabricated, twisted and turned this tragic incident into what he calls a true story. Tim's scholarship as a historian should be questioned.


 My intentions are simple: To expose Timothy B. Tyson for fraudulence and for lying.

  My name is Robert Larry Teel. I was 18 years old at the time. 


 The lies, slander, and libel that have been directed toward the Teel and Oakley families will be made crystal clear. Readers should see how Tyson has misrepresented the facts.


   Is the public going to continue to allow Timothy B. Tyson to teach their children fabricated lies? Unfortunately, this book is being taught in high schools and in universities around the country. Do you want a fabricated tale to be taught to your children as a true story?


   A fabricated book! And Now a Movie!

   All to deceive the public into believing there is a true drama instead of a tall tale invented for profit by Tyson.


 Do Jeb Stuart's cast and crew want to be known for purposely taking part in a project that misrepresented the truth? When the subject matter is so very serious and life-altering? Are they absolutely sure they know all the true facts? Or is Jeb going to deceive the public as well?


  Tyson has intentionally planted a bad seed in the reader's mind, particularly by use of the first sentence of the book.

 Tim has attempted to destroy my family's reputation by injecting race into everything and creating a story to make readers believe that racism was the reason for the altercation.

  I will show you Tim Tyson just wrote a book his derriere can’t cash based on true facts. Timothy B.Tyson is race hustling only to benefit himself.


   Robert Teel, my father, operated a Barber Shop that was located between the laundry mat and appliance store of the complex. My father graduated from Barber school in 1953.

   Sold gas and oil to everyone. Owned a coin operated laundry mat where 85% of his customers were African Americans. Across the street he owned a coin operated hand wand spray car wash open to all the public.

 Operated a hotdog, hamburger, pizza establishment that served everyone. My father decided to close the food business due to the profit margin for the amount of time it took to operate it. That's when the food establishment was converted into the mini bike, lawn mower and motorcycle shop.

 There was also another man who leased and operated the appliance shop in the same complex.


 At NO time did Robert Teel or anybody else ever operate a grocery / convenience store in that location prior to the fire bombings that forced my father to close the businesses.

 Tim wants to bring up my father's criminal background. Prior to the carwash incident in April 1970, there were only two incidents. Both of them involved Caucasians. Teel has always believed in right is right and wrong is wrong.


 In April of 1970, he struck an African American man at his car wash which set everything into motion. That was Teel’s first criminal offense toward any African American. Immediately thereafter Teel’s businesses began being boycotted by African Americans. Teel began receiving harassing phone calls, death threats toward him and his family, along with threats to burn him out. Windows were being broken out along with other property damages.

  Faced with these circumstances, what would you do if a man came on your property with a knife toward your 18 year-old son? Does race matter at this point?


 I guess Tim thinks if the man had been white and coming at me with a knife, my father would have given him a free pass and said go at it?

    I wonder what Tim's reaction would have been?


 Tim Tyson makes a mockery of what the prosecutors said. They have never heard of accidental self-defense. Has anyone ever considered the situation of being taunted, threatened, and scared and being faced with these circumstances? Can anyone imagine the fear and the adrenaline rush that took place when my father and Roger (stepbrother) heard the screaming words "HELP LARRY!" ? Then a man, along with others, confronted his son with a knife. So I ask again: What would you do?


    I have asked myself thousands of times. Why did Henry Marrow even make that obscene remark to my wife, and I replied “Hey that’s my wife you are talking to.” Within those few seconds Henry Marrow had a choice to keep on walking! Instead he made the decision to come on our property with a knife advancing towards me. Henry Marrow and only Henry Marrow made that decision.


   Does race really matter when a obscene remark like this is made? My reply was an appropriate reply in 1970 and still is today. Would you reply if obscene remarks were made to your wife? Again, does race matter? Would Tim even have the balls to respond and try to protect his wife or daughter from such disrespect if it were hurled their way?

Does he even understand the concept of honor among men?


 Let me be clear: The obscenities did not cause this accident. Henry's actions did. The Teel family had worked closely for years offering services to everyone with the majority of our customers being African Americans.


 But I'll be damned if I am going to sit idly by and allow Tyson to get away with spinning his web of lies and deceiving the public further!


 It is one thing to be a storyteller, another to be a Historian. But Tim Tyson has intentionally left out the truth, something a real historian would never do.

   We told the truth all those years ago. And I am retelling the truth now.


I am not attempting to create conflict of any type.


 My sole purpose is to expose Timothy B. Tyson for grossly misrepresenting the facts.




            So join me on Evidence Page 1 Here                               


                      Robert Larry Teel

                     7413 Six Forks #172

                     Raleigh, N.C. 27615

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