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Blood Done Sign My Name May 11,1970
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 This is where I'll expose Timothy B.Tyson for lying. I am using the paper back edition of Timothy B.Tyson’s book " Blood Done Sign My Name " I will highlight statements from Tim's book in blue. The very first page of the book is what you need to read and understand. So let’s get started.
                                  Daddy and Roger and 'em shot 'em a N….
 Tim’s 1st statement Daddy and Roger and 'em shot 'em a N….  That's what Gerald Teel said to Tim in Tim's driveway in Oxford North Carolina, on May 12, 1970. That's an outright lie, and I will show you exactly why. 10 year old Tim Tyson, said these words came out of Gerald, my brother’s mouth on the evening of May 12, 1970. Page 1-2 Tim said before Gerald could say anything more, Tim's mother opened the front door of Tim's house and called Tim in for supper. And on page 128 That Tuesday evening was when Gerald told Tim about the murder. Tim has put a time stamp on my 10 year old brother Gerald’s’ remark at supper time. My account of supper time is somewhere between 5-7 PM.
  Immediately following the shooting incident we locked up the businesses and went straight to the Police Station in Oxford. My brother's left Granville County on May 12, 1970 in the morning hours.
 Our attorney Billy Watkins and family members were notified. During that time no one knew Henry Marrows condition.
 Billy Watkins arrived at the Police Station and we explained what had happened. Somewhere around midnight we were told Henry Marrow did not survive.
 We were arrested in the early morning hours of May 12, 1970. We were told that we were being charged with Murder. Within a few hours a decision was made that we would be sent to Central Prison in Raleigh. They said it was for our safety, but I have to ask myself a why, Granville County had a jail. What was really going on in Granville County? What was really going on and brewing in Oxford, for a decision to be made that fast to send us to Central Prison in Raleigh? 
  I can still see the sun just starting to come up as my father and I walked up the steps into Central Prison May 12, 1970.
  Death threats, boycotting and broken windows had already happened to the Teel family before the shooting incident took place. My father and I were being sent to Central Prison the morning of May 12, 1970. And Colleen, my step mother was not going to let my brothers run the streets and play the evening of May 12, 1970.
  I saw my Grandfather at the Oxford Police dept before we left. Thats when my father asked my grandfather to get my brothers out of Granville County immediately! My grandfather loaded up my brothers the morning of May 12, 1970 and took them out of Granville County to Mount Olive where they stayed till the fall of 1970.
   Tim said that the N word was not allowed in his house. But as an adult Tim writes the N word in a book and speaks freely using it as a quote from my brother Gerald. Tim uses the N word in his lectures, book signings, radio and TV interviews. Tim assumes its O.K. using this as a quote supposedly coming from my brother Gerald. (So now the public knows that Gerald was not in Tim's driveway while Tim was bouncing a basketball at supper time.)
  Tim Tyson is deceiving the public and all races. Tim has altered the facts in this incident while he lined his pockets for profit. I hope the public will see through Tim by the time I finish.
  Robert Teel and Larry Teel were the ones charged. All the witnesses said I did it. So why didn’t Tim's opening comment say Daddy and Larry shot 'em a N..? Tim is some piece of work. A real professional race hustler for sure, definitely not a Historian.
  My brother Gerald himself said and I quote " I never made that ridiculous statement to Tim Tyson!" "Heck my friends and I use to throw rocks at Tim and run him off." I never saw Tim come up to the shop and ride the mini bikes / motorcycles with Gerald. Tim said he did the research, so how did he miss my fathers statement that was clearly in the Durham Morning Herald newspaper Feb.21,1971?
    Now Tim has been exposed! So if Tim uses the quote Daddy and Roger and 'em shot 'em a N... I hope that Tim's audience will ask Tim if he is wearing a diaper or a condom or both because Tim must be getting some other type of satisfaction.
 Durham Morning Herald Newspaper Feb.21,1971

Durham Morning Herald Newspaper Feb.21,1971

Durham Morning Hearld Newspaper Feb.21,1971

                                 Convenience / Grocery Store
 Book " Blood Done Sign My Name " page 49. His convenience store offered African Americans customers basic groceries at high prices.   Page 121. Dickie Marrow told the other young men under the awning that he was going over to Teel’s store to get something to eat and to buy a big Pepsi-Cola.  Robert Teel did not have a convenience / grocery store. It did not exist! And further more why would Henry Marrow be going to shop with Teel if his businesses were being boycotted by the Black community?
Educated race hustler Tim Tyson writes a true story, but claims to be a Historian. How could Tim miss something this obvious? So Tim has been caught in another lie. It appears to me that telling and teaching the truth must be less important than money. I’ll let the public decide.
 Durham Morning Hearld Newspaper Feb.21,1971
Durham Morning Hearld Newspaper Feb.21,1971
Oxford Public Ledger Newspaper Feb.16,1971

Oxford Public Ledger Newspaper Feb.16,1971

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