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Blood Done Sign My Name May 11,1970
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                                  The Fraudsters Tim and Vernon Tyson.

A simple letter is all
Charlotte Sheedy, Crown Publishing, Grawemeyer awards directors at The University of Louisville Kentucky,
Robert K. Steel and Jeb Stuart had to do to find out Tim Tyson lied in his book "Blood Done Sign My Name."

I sent a letter to the Oxford public officials and asked three simple question.

1) It has been stated that The Oxford Public Ledger newspapers are missing for the entire period of 1970. As you know it
has been widely publicized and needs to be addressed. Are they missing or not?

2) The Confederate Monument located at the Richard H. Thornton Library. I am hearing there are two different reasons why
it was moved in 1971. Because of the incident that happened in 1970? Or was it moved to improve downtown traffic? Which
was it? I would like a clear answer.

3) The reference book titled " Burning for Freedom; White Terror and Black Power in Oxford, North Carolina" is stored at the
Richard H. Thornton Library. The book has missing pages and the author states "he could replace those missing pages, but has
chosen not to do so." That being said, the town of Oxford and Granville County are depriving the taxpayers from having a
complete book, and knowing what the author initially wrote in this book. Someone holds the authority in Oxford to see that
those missing pages are replaced.

Here is the reply letter from Oxford:

Letter from Oxford, NC answering questions 

"Oxford officials" have confirmed that the Oxford Public Ledger newspapers are not missing and are available in the NC room at the Richard H. Thornton library. So that statement in Tim Tyson's book "Blood Done Sign My Name" is a lie.

In August of 2009, Tim reported to The Daily Dispatch in Henderson, North Carolina that the Confederate Monument was
moved due to the race riots in 1970. Another lie Tim needed to add to his scam to help promote his book.
Read Oxford's reply # 2) The Confederate Monumont was moved in response to traffic concerns raised by the NC State
Highway Department. If you want to verify this look at the Oxford Public Ledger dated December 11, 1970.

Tim has blamed someone for vandalizing his thesis. This is just part of Tim's big scam. See #3) from Oxford's reply in the letter.

Tim and Vernon Tyson intentionally lied to concoct a money making story. Anyone that is willing to lie about the facts in public
documents, and vandalize public documents, are a disgrace to the human race.

All organizations whether they be religious, universitys or schools, they all should be appauled that Tim and Vernon Tyson intentionally lied to tell this story.


Henry "Dickie" Marrow was confined to Leavenworth.

He recieved a dishonorable discharge and clearly NEVER served in Vietnam.

Why did Tim Tyson, Jeb Stuart and Mike Wiley have to fabricate a story line? Did they have to build up someone to produce the
story they wanted to display to the public for their own profit?

Many already are familiar with Tim Tyson's dishonesty and his habit of fabricating stories, but this is scandalous beyond anything
previously witnessed.

They have deliberately lied about a man who has long been dead to promote a book, play and a film.

For profit.

Can Timothy Tyson descend any lower?

Information releasable under The Freedom of Information Act state the last place he was at was
CorrHoldingDet ( SFW21BVU ) FtLeavenworthKS.
He was confined at Leavenworth. He received a dishonorable discharge. He never served in Vietnam.

Military Records

At one time the below edited picture was hosted at the P.O.W. Network.
Unfortunatly the list of names have grown, and it has become impossible to maintain
that list. Therefore they elected to take down their list of names.
You can read their announcement here.  www.fakewarriors.org/names.htm

  On the back of the DVD advertising Vietnam War Vet.

The Stolen Valor Act has laws that govern fraud, document forgery, impersonation etc.


  On Page 120 of the author's own book he states that Henry managed to avoid service in
Southeast Asia. This is the same book that Tyson, Jeb Struart and Mike Wiley researched.
However they ignored what was written in the book.
So it would only be logical to say that Tyson, Jeb Stuart and Mike Wiley are responsible for deceiving the public.
They have intentionally allowed the media to inaccurately report Henry's military status.

  On June 3, 2013 President Obama signed a new Stolen Valor Act into law. The law includes a provision, making it illegal to make claims with the intent to obtain money or other tangible benefits.
The Supreme Court ruled that lying about military heroics was constituionally protected speech UNLESS there was intent to gain some benefit or something of value by fraud.
So a question remains is it acceptable for these fraudesters to lie for profit?  

You can view the below links where they have advertised Vietnam Veteran in various ways.
















If Tim Tyson reflects the highest ethical and professional standards that Duke University has to offer.
I would hate to see what they turned down.

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